About U.K.K1

Unleashed Kickboxing and K -1 (formally Taunton Cougars Kickboxing) has been running since 2003. The club boasts some of the best training around and allows students to train for fitness, confidence or competing.
The club has a friendly atmosphere and is suitable for both complete novices or those with a martial arts background. Kickboxing is perfect for those looking to get fit, strong or lose weight. Kickboxing routines will help develop strengtMark Monk Winning Again!h and increase cardio.
The club also supports and develops those looking to compete in both light  contact and full contact and regularly attends fight shows and competitions around the UK and Europe. The Instructor, Mark Monk, currently competes in full contact kickboxing and has gained medals in both European and World Championships.

FITNESS: Kickboxing is a demanding sport that incorporates cardio, strength building, speed, co-ordination and flexibility. For those looking to get fit Kickboxing is the perfect sport for you! The quality of instruction as well as the variation of technical aspects means that students will learn very quickly enabling them to work harder for longer!

GRADINGS: For those who train regularly, grading for belts are available that take place every 3-4 months. These are assessed by Grand Master Sparkes, VII Degree Black Belt.

K-1 & LOW KICK KICKBOXING: As well as Kickboxing, the club instructor also teaches K-1 and Low kick as a separate lesson. K-1 training includes kicking to the legs, defending leg kicks as well the use of knees and limited clinch work.

COMPETING: The club and association regularly attend national and international tournaments and fight shows. Students can compete in a variety of styles including light contact kickboxing and points fighting as well as Full Contact Kickboxing, Low Kick and K1.